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WellnessFromFood patients lose weight, reduce or eliminate medications, and reverse their type 2 diabetes. Explore their stories.


Roxanne lost - 61 lbs

Eliminated all 100 units of insulin
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Randy and Beth

Randy and Beth lost - 110 lbs

Eliminated 7 medications
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Don lost - 45 lbs

Eliminated all blood pressure medications
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Tim lost - 57 lbs

Beat type 2 diabetes
Eliminated 8 medications
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Janet lost - 110 lbs

Started at 500 daily units of insulin!
Replaced Medicine with Real Food!
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Chuck and Karen

Chuck and Karen lost - 120 lbs

Eliminated 4 medications
The best money I've ever spent in my entire life
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Karen lost - 61 lbs

Cured her type 2 diabetes
Eliminated 4 medications
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John lost - 40 lbs

Eliminated 6 medications, including insulin
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Jan - before and after

Jan lost - 70 lbs

No longer has to diet
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Larry lost - 28 lbs

No longer diabetic
Eliminated 8 medications
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Shelly lost - 58 lbs

Learned to create a new lifestyle for her family
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Valaree lost - 40 lbs

No longer suffers from arthritis or sleep apnea
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Tarrill lost - 65 lbs

Regained her health
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Dennis - before and after

Dennis lost - 50 lbs

No longer a type 2 diabetic
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Julie - before and after

Julia lost - 120 lbs

Off all insulin
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Ron - before and after

Ron lost - 61 lbs

No longer diabetic
Eliminated 2 medications

Connie - before and after

Connie lost - 70 lbs

Now able to play with her grandchildren
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Gordon - before and after

Gordon lost - 66 lbs

Eliminated his insulin

Jamie - before and after

Jamie lost - 78 lbs

Reduced his BMI by 25%

Gene - before and after

Gene lost - 60 lbs

Getting off the meds far outweighed the cost of the program
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Sheryl - before and after

Sheryl lost - 51 lbs

Learned how to make the right choices for her health

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