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Our pledge to you

  • Change your lifestyle and leave dieting in the past
  • Access to hundreds of recipes along with guided videos
  • Stay on track with ongoing staff feedback and support

Type 2 Diabetes is Preventable and Reversible

  • Carbohydrates intensify hunger and cause the body to store fat through insulin - the body's blood sugar and body fat regulator
  • If you have obesity, type 2 diabetes, or prediabetes, carbohydrates act like a poison in your body - causing you to gain weight and require increasingly more medications
  • By following our guided, three-phase, low carbohydrate program, you can shed pounds that keep you on your medications

What are our Clients saying? 

Why Choose Us?

WellnessFromFood is a physician developed and supervised program designed for weight-loss, and weight-management. This program is the result of Dr. Pruchno's ground breaking work with his (former) type 2 diabetic patients.

We will teach you the secrets of how to lose weight, and keep that weight off. If you are currently on medication for type 2 diabetes, we can help you get off of your medications! WellnessFromFood takes a food based approach to your health. WellnessFromFood's main pillars of weight-loss and weight-managment are:

Proven Weight-Loss 

We have helped our clients lose tons!

Dr. Pruchno's first program was offered through the Veterans Administration - specifically for diabetic veterans. That program proved so successful that he opened Health Transitions Clinic - an on-site, weight-loss and diabetes management program serving the greater Cedar Rapids area. Now it is our pleasure to offer Dr. Pruchno's methodology in the form of WellnessFromFood!
Our clients have taken off tons of weight (20,000 lbs in the past 4 years), reduced or eliminated their medications, and reclaimed their health.     Let us help you.

Physician Developed and Monitored

Dr. Pruchno and the WellnessFromFood team review your results and provide feedback.

Throughout the program you will be logging your weight, activity levels, hunger, carb intake, and potentially blood pressure, blood sugar levels, and pulse on our website.

The team at WellnessFromFood will audit your progress and provide guidance via the Daily Tracker and monthly via scheduled meetings with a registered dietitian*.

We will hold you accountable to your health goals and do our best to keep you on a healthy path. If you falter, we have the experience and support to help you get back on track.

Delicious Recipes to keep you on track

Simply Delicious and Nutritious is our goal

Dr. Pruchno and Chef Will have teamed up to create a unique combination of medical and clinical knowledge along with expertise in cooking and nutrition to bring you this program.

WellnessFromFood will teach and demonstrate how to apply that knowledge in the kitchen so that you are able to create delicious meals that will keep you satiated.

Chef Will provides a number of time saving cooking steps that result in delicious and nutritious dishes.

How are we different?
Prevent or replace medications with a sustainable, healthy lifestyle


Learn how to cook simple, restaurant-quality dishes developed by a culinary expert and registered dietitian. Watch and re-watch recorded cooking demonstrations as many times as you want until you’ve mastered each dish.