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Rons before and after
Ron G. lost 65 pounds and is off of his diabetes and hypertension medications.
He is no longer considered diabetic.
"Imagine thinking that you would always be on insulin, and in 5 months, not only off insulin, but off all diabetic medications!!" -Roxanne lost 61 pounds and is now completely off insulin.
"Just try it...if you try it, you will be successful " -Karen F. lost 61 pounds and no longer has type 2 diabetes
"It's the best money I ever spent in my entire life!”-Chuck F. lost 60 pounds and reduced his heart medications from 11 to 4
Shellys before and after
Shelly R. lost 58 pounds and is still maintaining her weight 2 years later.

Features of The Program

  • Ongoing virtual visits with a Registered Dietitian (frequency depends on your place in the program)
  • Custom progress report after each visit
  • Monthly review of your blood sugars, blood pressures, and medications by Dr. Pruchno
  • Timed released virtual lessons
    • 43 Lecture videos
    • 21 Cooking videos
    • 4 Exercise videos
  • Access to a Daily Tracker to record your current data
  • Access to a Diaeta (lifestyle) Log to view your past progress
  • Weekly check-in emails and fresh tips
  • Timed released blogs
  • Access to restaurant-quality low carb recipes

I'm interested - how do I start?

"The Program" Subscription

Weight loss is a personal journey and everyone loses weight at their own pace. The time needed to complete the program will vary based on your starting point, personal goals, and underlying health conditions.

Most people complete the course in 12 to 18 months

Sadly, we are no longer taking new patients. We will continue to support our existing clients.

If eligible, you may use FSA and HSA dollars towards the WellnessFromFood program. Simply obtain a Letter of Medical Necessity from your doctor with the qualifying diagnoses and retain for your records. Note: WellnessFromFood does not require a copy of your letter.