Feels physically and mentally better than he did in his 50’s


“I retired from a sedentary and stressful profession at the end of 2015 at age 66. I weighed 217 lbs. and had not exercised regularly for many years. I knew I needed to lose weight and lost some weight on my own until I started with HTC in September, 2016 at 208.4 lbs. By mid-June, 2017, my weight was down to a low of 169 lbs. Since that time, I’ve been successful in maintaining my weight between 170 and 175 lbs. until the 2020 Pandemic. I’m back on track and have lost about 5 lbs. by returning to daily weigh-ins and logging all meals. I’m confident in my ability to return to my pre-Pandemic weight in the next few months.

Losing a total of over 45 lbs. made a huge difference to my physical and mental health. I became very active physically and rediscovered my passion for cycling. I’ve ridden my mountain bike from Telluride, Colorado to Moab, Utah, participated in loaded backpacking trips on dirt and gravel roads in Montana and Wisconsin, and ridden thousands of miles a year on Iowa’s gravel roads. I’ve also hiked extensively in Colorado, Montana, and Utah.

My health improved markedly. By June, 2017, I had eliminated all prescription medications that I’d been taking to manage cholesterol and blood pressure. I’ll be 72 years-old in July of this year and I feel better physically and mentally than I did in my 50’s and 60’s before joining HTC. Barring unforeseen illness, I feel confident that I can continue my high level of physical activity with my cycling friends who are much younger than me.

For decades, I struggled with my weight and related health problems. When I asked my physicians for help, I was always given the same advice: count calories and lose weight by burning more calories than I consumed. I knew from experience that this didn’t work and only led to a pattern of weight loss and weight gain. HTC taught me how to change my eating habits for long-term success.”