Football Season is Here

It’s that time of year where people gather to eat and drink as they watch football. Whether it’s professional or college level football, this sport really knows how to bring people together. People come together for the game, the party, or tailgating. At any of these events you will be exposed to plenty of food options that we know as poisons.

How can you feel included with the festivities when on a low carb, high fat diet?

When it comes to any social event you need to be mentally prepared. You’ll be surrounded by processed foods like chips, desserts, alcohol, and high carb meal options. You will be pressured by friends and strangers to partake in the food choices you can’t have. You’ll hear things like: “You can’t even have one bite of what I made?”            It’ll be hard at first, but stay true to the low carb, high fat diet. You will feel better at the end of the day for keeping the poisons out of your body.

1.)    When it comes to tailgating foods, you can always contribute low carb options like a veggie tray with a delicious low carb dip, cheese sticks, sliders without the buns, low carb casseroles like egg bakes, or hotdogs/brats on a stick.

2.)    When it comes to social events with alcohol, you can always make mock tails to appear that you’re partaking in the drinking. This way you can also be the hero at the end of the day and be able to drive everyone home safely.

3.)    At any game or sports event there is always a concession stand, and they may not offer too much in regards to low carb options. But look for nuts, cheese, or a hamburger/hotdog/brat without the bun.

Like I mentioned earlier, when it comes to any social event you need to be mentally prepared. To help set you up for success it’s a great idea to eat at home before you leave, bring food to share that you can have to enjoy, or pack some healthy snacks for emergencies.

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