Diet Details: A few bad diets in the media?

There are hundreds of diets out there and many more to come in the future. In this post I pulled a few diets from various popular magazines and websites for highlighting. There are some great diets out there but there are lots of bad ones, below are a few bad ones:


Intermediate Fasting 16:8 Diet: This is an article on the Today Show's website titled: Intermediate fasting made easy: What to know about the 16:8 diet

This article discusses therapeutic fasting but in a way that is not particularly helpful. The diet is described as 16 hours of fasting followed by 8 hours of eating whatever you want to eat.  Participants saw modest weight loss over a 12 week cycle  in addition to lower blood pressures.

  • This is not a diet or component of a diet I would suggest following below are a few reasons why:

o    no real change in the foods you are eating 

o    no increase in vegetables or fruits or legumes 

o    reinforces poor eating habits of eating lost of food in a short window of time

o    non-effective fasting protocol that does not help to address hormone regulation 


Smoothie/Detox diet: This is an article in Woman's World: Lose Up to 12 Pounds in 72 Hours on the Smoothie Detox Diet

The diet calls for a specific vegetable and fruit smoothie regimen to be used for a 72 hour window of time. The recipes are included which is helpful. The shakes aren't terrible in fact they are good options for a lower carb diet. The diet "promises" a 12 pound weight loss. 

  • This is not a diet I would suggest using for weight loss but this might be an option for trying a few different shake ideas. Here are few reasons why:

o    no long-term goals

o    no long-term changes in eating habits or food behaviors 

o    not a sustainable diet


7-Day 1,200 Calorie Diet: This is an article from Good House Keeping:  A 7-Day , 1,200-Calorie Meal Plan


There are no real diet tips other than the 7 day menu that you are supposed to follow. This is a 1,200 calorie diet based on calories in vs calories out.

  • This is not a diet I would suggest and here are a few reasons why:

o    3 meals/day that are low in fat will lead to access hunger

o    low calorie diets are hard to follow for long periods of time due to hunger

o    does not take hormones regulation into account 



Big take away points:

  • there are lots of diets out there and no one diet for everyone 
  • diet does need to be focused on quality foods not the quantity of foods
  • calories in vs calories out is not the full picture
  • work with a diet that works for your body not because you read it in a magazine and think it’s what you need to do now
  • diet needs to be a lifestyle change not a short term approach 
  • the heart of diet should be vegetables, a variety of vegetables 

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