What is a diet?

When you hear the word “diet”, what comes to mind? For most it’s immediate dread because they think of weight loss regimens or foods that aren’t fulfilling. While there are many types of diets out there, most diets are not successful.

Diets are not usually successful because we think of them as temporary. They’re a quick fix to losing weight. The diets available all might work but the weight you lose only stays off for as long as you’re doing the diet consistently. Everything will come back or more because those diets are temporary. Some common diet examples are Weight Watchers, Atkins, South Beach Diet, Nutri-Systems, or Mediterranean. Diets like these advertise quick weight loss, but not everything is as good as it sounds.

The word diet actually originates from the Latin word diaeta, which means a way of life. Whatever diet you follow the outcome is solely based on what nutrients or lack of nutrients that come from that diet. The key to a successful diet is, understanding that it is a way of life not a temporary change. These changes need to be lifelong changes to continue to support optimal health for your body.

That is why it’s so important for the next few weeks that you really follow the diet and learn the basics. Those basics are what you build your success off of for the rest of your life. If you continue to sneak in little cheats, you will continue to do that. Remember this is a dieta, not a diet. Start this journey off right for a successful future to a better and healthier you.

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