Type 2 diabetes is not a progressive disease.

It is a nutritional disease with a cure!

Dr. Charles Pruchno MD, FACP

A Nutrition-Only Approach:
Simple, Practical, Zero Side-Effects

Dr. Pruchno's Story

How a Nephrologist sought a cure for diabetes ... and succeeded.

About Dr. Charles Pruchno

Dr. Pruchno has been practicing medicine for over 35 years. He has devoted his career to understanding type 2 diabetes and the digestion of both sugar and processed carbohydrates.

As a board-certified Nephrologist (kidney specialist), Dr. Pruchno cared for thousands of patients with end stage renal disease, which often resulted from chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and dyslipidemia.

Dr. Pruchno realized that in order to truly effect change in people’s health, he needed to uncover and fix the root cause of these chronic diseases – obesity.

Over the past 10 years, Dr. Pruchno’s main objective has been to identify and perfect a nutritional cure for type 2 diabetes and other medical illnesses associated with obesity.

His understanding of weight gain and human behavior led him to create the Jade Team Weight Loss and Diabetes Program through the Cedar Rapids VA, and the Health Transitions Clinic in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Dr. Pruchno created WellnessFromFood to bring life-changing weight loss across the country.

The program has already helped over 1000 people in his community permanently eliminate the need for medications related to diabetes, high blood, high cholesterol, arthritis, and chronic reflux.

Thank You Dr. Pruchno!

small picture of Tim

I just want to thank Dr. Pruchno - he saved my life.

small picture of Denis

He changed my life with new eating habits... In the long run, he saved my life

small picture of John

Dr. Pruchno has handed me back years of my life - thanks!

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He’s the first doctor that seems to not only listen to you but hear you