How the program works

Our ten month program is designed to help you understand how the food choices you make are affecting your weight, and ultimately, your health. You’ll learn the science behind why carbohydrates make people gain weight. More importantly, we will take you through a series of easy changes in your diet and meal planning that will enable you to effectively lose weight and keep it off. The plan works in phases to ensure safe weight-loss and encourage successful maintenance, free from medications for obesity-related diseases.


Here are program details

The Premium Program - $95/month

This plan is designed to give our clients the best chance of success. You will receive a set of monthly education material including video lectures, cooking demonstrations, educational handouts, and a quiz - all presented in a professional web-based learning management system. You can view the course materials on your computer, tablet, or phone, and ask questions that will be answered by a registered dietitian the next day via email.

Each day you will be logging your weight, hunger levels, and carbohydrate intake in the WellnessFromFood daily tracker. Depending on your medical condition, you may be asked to also track your blood sugar, blood pressure, and pulse - all from within your daily tracker.

Premium users will meet via phone with a registered dietitan 6 times throughout the program to review your progress and answer any quesitons you may have. The WellnessFromFood team will be monitoring your progress, and will take action as needed.


  • 12 month access to full course curriculum and materials
  • Controlled 10-month pace of course
  • Access to cooking videos / recipes
  • WellnessFromFood team will monitor your learning progress, and provide feedback

Daily Tracker:

  • Provides encouraging messages to keep you focused on your goals
  • Provides both general announcements to a wide audience and feedback to specific individuals
  • Comments section provides a free form area for communicating with the WellnessFromFood team
  • Enables you to record and track your weight, carb intake, hunger levels, and activity levels
  • If required, this enables you to record blood sugar levels, blood pressure and pluse
  • Lifetime access to continue tracking and recording your data


  • 6 scheduled dietitian phone meetings + others as needed
  • Email follow up for each dietitian meeting
  • WellnessFromFood team monitors your learning progress
  • WellnessFromFood team monitors your Daily Tracking data
  • WellnessFromFood team responds with emails
  • WellnessFromFood team with text / phone calls


About The Program

The WellnessFromFood Program starts with a set of video lectures delivered in a professional learning management system (LMS). The lectures are designed to provide you the education, tricks, and tips needed to make meaningful lifestyle changes. The material provides a new and different view of which foods should be considered healthy - and which not. Each lesson is coupled with video cooking demonstrations instructing our clients on how to make at least two new dishes. Each lesson comes with an overview including: a monthly set of instructions, handouts, and follow up quiz.
The Daily Tracker is another tool of the WellnessFromFood program. It is a place for you to enter your daily data, schedule dietitian meetings, and communicate with the WellnessFromFood team. The WellnessFromFood team will be monitoring your learning progress, your health progress, and will make any course corrections.
Finally, our registered dietitians are engaging, knowledgable, and empathetic care givers. They are well versed in the program fundamentals and they will provide one on one phone meetings at crucial times during the program.