How can we help you?

WellnessFromFood will teach you an all new way to understand food, and why certain foods can make you fat, while other foods will not.

We will shatter many of the myths that surround weight gain, and do so in an easily understandable way.

From this new understanding of foods, we will gradually build a diet that will sustain you, keep you satisfied, and allow slow and steady weight loss.

Making the changes necessary to cleave to this new diet are not always easy. We will be with you every step of the way, providing the accountability necessary to make progress, and eventually, to make these changes in lifestyle permanent.


We are a specialized team with an unique set of skills and backgrounds that will provide you with all the necessary equipment to change your life.

  • We begin by giving you an understanding of food, eliminating those foods which lead to weight gain.
  • We will then provide you with an endless source of suggestions for recipes, and cooking demonstrations aimed at making food enjoyable, satisfying and interesting, while allowing sustained weight loss.
  • Finally, we provide the accountability necessary to address the struggles that push you off track, making certain that you stay focused and successful.

Previous Successes:

The WellnessFromFood program is a clinically driven and research supported web-based weight-loss and weight-management program. It is derived from Dr.Pruchno's previous and current medical practice. At the Cedar Rapids Veterans Administration, he first created the Jade Team Weight Loss / Diabetes Program specifically for a group of diabetic veterans. Dr. Pruchno was able to help patients lose an average of 30 pounds over the course of 6 months, lower their A1c an average of 1.5 points, and eliminated 3.5 medications!

Dr. Pruchno refined the program and created the Health Transitions Clinic (HTC) in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. At HTC, Dr. Pruchno has worked with over 700 individuals, helping them lose an average of 35 pounds in the 40 week program. He continues to run that practice helping patients get off their current medications. Often times, the highlight of his day is when he has the privilege of telling someone that they no longer need to take insulin shots or other medications!

We invite you to click the "Free Sample Lessons?" link on the right to take our simple questionnaire. Given that data, we will be able to give you a better idea on how we can help you reach your weight goal. We have found that just by giving serious thought and reflection when answering these questions tends to get people to begin to make changes, even before the program begins.

About Dr. Pruchno

I developed the WellnessFromFood Program because I wanted to bring my message to a wider audience. There are a lot of people out there struggling to control their weight, and I know that we can help them improve their health. If this sounds like you, please know that I very much want to help you. I know that we can help you, you just have to trust us.

I have been a practicing nephrologist - a kidney specialist - in the Cedar Rapids area for the past 24 years. I was the medical director of the Crawford Diabetes Center, and later the Joslin Diabetes Center.

I’ve spent several years extensively researching why individuals gain weight - understanding it at many levels: nutrient, macronutrient , and molecular. I put that research and knowledge to work when I developed my first weight loss program geared toward diabetic veterans. We were able to help patients reshape their diet and their lifestyle. Our patients lost weight, reduced or eliminated their medications and improved their overall health.

WellnessFromFood is a refined version of that program, retooled specifically to be delivered on the web. I’m excited to offer this proven, holistic approach to everyone interested in making real life changes and transitioning to a healthier lifestyle for life.

My credentials: MD Degree-Saint Louis University 1983
Residency-University of Indiana 1986
Fellowship-University of Washington 1989
Board Certified in Medicine (1986) and Nephrology (1989)
Fellow American College of Physicians 1996