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Stop Dieting, Start Living.

How do you keep the weight off once you lose it? We’ll tell you how.

A friend of mine – we’ll call him Jason – recently told me (frustratedly) that he had tried almost every diet out there but still couldn’t keep weight off. He would lose 10-15 pounds, feel accomplished, but then several months later was back to his starting weight.

Knowing I’m a dietitian, Jason opened up to me about what he’d tried: everything from strict calorie restriction and upping his exercise, to a pre-portioned meal delivery service, followed by a self-guided keto diet, a juicing cleanse diet, and finally to Weight Watchers. Jason stuck with WW the longest (18 months) but still experienced the same weight re-gain when he stopped following the program structure.

After laying it all out on the table, Jason asked me pointedly, “What am I doing wrong?”

I hear Jason’s sentiments echoed a lot in my line of work. Losing weight is one thing but keeping that weight off is another.

Here’s the reality: In order to successfully lose weight and keep it off, you have to do 2 important things:

  1. You must choose a “diet” that satisfies you and includes enough variety.

  2. You must commit to making this new “diet” your lifestyle.

At WellnessFromFood, we call this kind of change forming a new “Diaeta” (Greek for lifestyle).

The problem with most diets and diet programs is that they’re meant to be temporary. No one starts a 1200 calorie diet with the intention of sticking with it for life, just like you wouldn’t sign up for Jenny Craig with the intention of eating their meals indefinitely.

You will of course need to make changes to find success in any weight loss journey (if nothing changes, nothing changes); however, what’s the point of going on a diet if it makes you miserable or more importantly if you just regain the weight when you finish? Instead consider this:

The best weight loss program is one that teaches you how to form new sustainable habits, introduces you to a wide variety of food options you’ll love, and offers support along the way.

Enter WellnessFromFood. Our core model is a low carbohydrate diet, which evokes real metabolic change in the body (meaning it’s effective in inducing weight loss); however, our program goes beyond being a simple diet. Throughout the course of 10 months and beyond, we teach you how to make choices when you eat out and when you grocery shop, we educate you on how to increase diet variety, we introduce a new way of thinking about food, and we support you every step of the way.

Consider the words of some of our previous program graduates:

“I have been able to stay with the low-carb lifestyle and maintain my weight loss because the program isn’t so much about “going on a diet” as it is learning how to choose and prepare food that is good for you. It’s not as much about self-denial as it is about learning to tell the difference between being truly hungry and being tired, thirsty, bored, or sad. The principles that are taught in the program become a natural way of thinking so that it actually becomes easy to stick with it without cheating or being tempted.” – Craig R. lost 34 pounds through the WellnessFromFood program and has kept it off.

Before and After pictures of Terrill

“I have maintained my weight loss AND my healthy eating habits. The reason is I know what to eat, how to cook it as well as the importance of a well-stocked pantry. All tools I received from my time in your program.” – Tarrill A. lost 87 pounds through the WellnessFromFood program and has kept it off.

Before and After pictures of Shelly

“This program saved my life! I learned how and why I was overweight, and I learned how to cook delicious meals and create a new lifestyle for myself and my family.” – Shelly R lost 58 pounds through the WellnessFromFood program and has kept it off.

After listening to Jason’s story, this is what I told him, just as I’m telling you: The true secret to long-term weight loss is to stop dieting for short term results. Instead build a new “Diaeta” – a new lifestyle that includes foods you can enjoy for the rest of your life. You’ll discover better results, more long-term success, and more happiness.

At WellnessFromFood we can help you with find that new lifestyle. If you’re ready to give yourself a chance at lasting weight loss, sign up for the program today – we offer a monthly subscription option (so there’s no risk in trying) as well as a discounted pay in full option - to save a little money. If you are not ready - consider registering for a free sample lesson to learn a bit more from Dr. Pruchno, the creator of our program.

As we say at WellnessFromFood -
"Change your lifestyle and never diet again".

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Hi there! I’m Gabby, head registered dietitian at WellnessFromFood. If you have questions, please email me! Want to lose weight with me? Click here

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